Implementation of Cost Control Measures (CCM)
Our experience in reviewing and creating systems to control costs in specific areas of interest is vast and effective. We have been advising clients to introduce and implement cost control measures which have been found useful in the day to day operations of the business.
Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Our team has significant experience in assisting clients to adopt IFRS for the first time and preparing the management for the challenges of conversion from Indian GAAP to IFRS. IFRS conversion does not only involve only accounting issues but also changes in the business and system. Hence we have developed a IFRS conversion methodology to assist clients in efficient and smooth transition into IFRS . We also provide training facilities for the management and the accounts department to assist in the conversion and explain the differences between Indian GAAP and IFRS.

Whether you are considering to a conversion to IFRS or already an IFRS reporter, we can assist you in the implementation of these IFRS.
Budgeting and Management Information System (MIS)
  • Assisting the clients in designing the templates and for evaluating the budgeting of expenditure both Capex and revenue and review the forecast periodically.
  • Assisting the clients in designing and implementation of MIS.
Project Consulting and arranging loans and ECB
  • Advising on pre-feasibility study for various projects and investment decisions.
  • Preparation of Project and feasibility reports and studies.
  • Preparation of CMA Data for Working Capital requirement and submission of quarterly information and monthly reports to banks.
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